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AdaptAire prepares you for the latest regulatory changes, smarter, quicker, and more completely than virtually any other system.

The new ANSI standard Z83.18 provides direct-fired units with two methods of compliance. The equivalent temperature rise (ETR) method utilized by AdaptAire controls temperature rise through the unit based on the ratio of outside air to return air. Greater volume of outside air allows greater temperature rise.

AdaptAire meets the ETL requirement for repeatable measurement within 5%

accuracy of the standard through sophisticated velocity pressure sensors placed across the return air opening. Sensor readings are relayed to a networkable DDC controller every two seconds, where they are compared against a definable standard (velocity pressure at 100% return air) to calculate precise percentage of outside air. The DDC controller then determines the maximum allowable temperature rise and modulates the gas valve.

Adaptaire is far simpler and more versatile than measuring ETR through damper position sensing. Though compliant, this approach requires compensating for the non-linear correlation between damper position and airflow with a correction

Typical AdaptAire™ Installation
Typical Installation

curve that must be tested separately for each possible damper configuration. Its accuracy depends entirely on mechanical connections in the damper control/ measurement linkage.

Characteristics AdaptAire™ Damper Position Sensing CO2 Sensing
Directly measures all key parameters Yes No Yes
Provides full range of damper modulation Yes Yes No
Unaffected by mechanical/linkage failures Yes No Yes
Able to link to network via DDC controller Yes No No
Performs heating unit diagnostics Yes No No
Self-calibrates to site conditions daily Yes No No
Doesn't require calibration after sheave change Yes No No
Unaffected by altitude or humidity Yes No No
Requires no special placement/location Yes Yes No
Unaffected by inlet duct static Yes No Yes

The second allowable method, direct measurement of CO2, has several limitations. Unlike AdaptAire technology, the accuracy of CO2 sensing can be affected by altitude, humidity, and the location of the sensor (if duct-mounted). Further, their limited measurement range requires more outside air be heated, raising operation costs.

AdaptAire™ unit shown with vertical DFL
AdaptAire™ unit shown with vertical DFL

For the greatest accuracy, efficiency, and reliability, get the smartest solution to the new direct-fired standards—get AdaptAire.

  • full face averaging
  • accurate to 3.5%
  • interlocked dampers
  • full OA modulation from 20% to 100%
  • factory wired
  • computer-aided testing standard with each unit
  • simplified troubleshooting
  • BacNet compatible
  • factory configured
  • integrated scheduling function