Commercial Direct Fired Climate Control System

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The DFL direct fired gas heating system from Applied Air adds up to 16,000 CFM of warm, fresh and clean air to your work environment. The direct fired design results in 100% efficiency of combustion and no harmful by-products. As a result, the DFL costs about 20% less to operate and maintain than indirect gas heat.

Commercial Direct Fired Climate Control System

DFL Competitive Advantages

Standard Hinged Doors with Bulb Gasket

To access the unit for service, simply open the door. There are no access panels to remove and replace, and the bulb gasket keeps out the weather.

Direct Drive Actuator

There's no linkage to bind, plus the actuator is mounted inside away from the weather.

Blade & Jamb Seals

The seals and the dampers provide an airtight enclosure.

Unit Base

The shape of the extrusion provides a built in mounting point for a roof curb, making installation faster and more convenient.

Maximum External Static Pressure 2.5"

The DFL's high static pressure gives designers greater flexibility in placement and routing of ductwork. No other manufacturer offers a higher static pressure for units of similar size.

Shut Off Damper

Most building codes call for a shut off damper, so we include one as standard equipment.

Perimeter Curb

The entire unit is mounted over the curb, so there's no place for rain to get inside.

Structural Tube Frame

Our 1" aluminum tube frame increases strength and improves the unit's structural integrity. You can be confident the DFL can withstand the test of time.