Evaporative Cooling Systems

Aztec: Indirect and Indirect/Direct Systems · HECD: Industrial Evaporative Cooler · SMU: Seasonal Make-Up Air Unit

Flexible units for spot cooling, make-up air, and general ventilation applications

Benefits and Features

Aztec Evaporative Cooling System

When a building has any type of heat generating process or has become laden with odors, chemicals, or dirt; the conditions may not be suitable for employees, equipment, or critical processes. Studies show that the productivity of the workers drop off and the probability of errors and injuries increases when temperatures in the work area exceed 85°F. Any electronic equipment or machinery with electronic controls can also be adversely affected. Evaporative cooling systems can significantly lower the outside air temperature, even in humid climates, and improves the ability of the ventilation air to reduce the heat in the area.

Applied Air offers direct evaporative cooling equipment with air deliveries from 3,000 CFM to 64,000 CFM and indirect or indirect/direct evaporative cooling units with air deliveries from 1,500 CFM to 37,500 CFM. A heat section can be added to most models to provide a ventilation unit for year round use.